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Module 10 - Academic and professional training

The change in fire regime that is happening all through Europe is pushing fire managers to avoid every fire as the only way to protect forest and people. However it is known that low and medium intensity fires can be used to protect the ecosystem of large, destroying fires, through fire management. This is the fundamental concept of Fire Paradox.

This paradox of fire can have several consequences. With this concept is now perceived that each day with a low fire risk that fire-fighters are going to a wildfire that is creeping in the forest and extinguishing it, we are going a step further from our goal. Large, intense fires can be managed to change its behavior, keeping them away of critical and vulnerable points (people, houses, ecosystems, …). But only good professionals used to fire can accomplish this objective. And the same applies for the use of prescribed burning or suppression fires. For the sake of having people with the ability of managing every kind of fire, we have to create the opportunities of accumulating and transferring knowledge and experience, and keep a good record of it. This is the overall goal of the training component of Fire Paradox.

This training component under the new concepts applies for the formation of both academics and professionals. Fire Paradox aims to contribute actively for Academic and Professional Training in Europe, under the general philosophy of Integrated Wildland Fire Management, advocating for an increase in the use of instruments and facilities currently available as in e-learning processes.

Given the similarities in the techniques and practices associated with fire management in the different parts of the World, this Module aims at allowing the different participants (new and from the ongoing project) to share expertise and training capabilities. In this module the linking to the ongoing project is done in two ways. It shares knowledge with the ongoing project participants and it proposes the realization of joint training courses attended by trainers from the new and the ongoing project countries.

In the particular case of Asia, since there are no such materials available in Russia and Mongolia, one of the goals of the module is also to compile materials that are relevant to the region. The compiled materials will be selected and enriched with the specific regional aspects for developing training materials in Russian and Mongolian language. In Russia and / or in Mongolia one or two joint on-site training courses on the use of prescribed fire for fuel and wildfire hazard reduction will be conducted on the demonstration sites. Selected participants from both countries will attend a training course in the Fire Paradox core community.