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Module 12 - Decision support for policies

The general objective of Module 12 “Decision support for policies” is to serve as a catalyst for Fire Paradox with regards to the production of both task specific and strategic level information products. It will provide both the project and target groups’ access to data/information through its information management platform and various other means of information dissemination i.e. guidelines and publications. The three individual work packages of Module 12 will build on the progress during year 1 and further develop or complete the requested deliverables.

The preparation work initiated in year for producing a set of guidelines for different aspects of fire will be continued. The guidebooks are thematically based and address four different themes namely: Theme 1: fire management in forestry planning and in prevention measures, Theme 2: the fire services’ structural set-up for addressing large fires, Theme 3: the application of fire management practices, Theme 4: cultural perceptions and public awareness towards integrated fire management.

The development of the Fire Paradox information management platform (Fire Intuition) will go into a crucial phase. Its development bases on a number of supporting documents (knowledge transfer implementation plan; review, analysis and requirements of data/information; definition of a common metadata profile). Initial conceptual designing has taken place. Due to high variation in information/data types managed within Fire Intuition and the various needs of end users the platform will build on the concept of warehouse. Data warehouse means in the context of Fireparadox a repository where heterogeneous data/information are stored in such a manner that a user will easily be able to explore, combine and analyse and visualise data/information. A first draft version of Fire Intuition will become available during the second planning period.

One of the central outputs the Fire Paradox Project is the Fire Paradox ‘White Book’. The book is comprised of: (1) EFI research report; (2) CD containing the Fire Paradox deliverables referred to in the report; and (3) an EFI Policy Brief - Towards Integrated Fire Management..