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Module 2 - Physical mechanisms

The research activities of Fire Paradox upon physical mechanisms of fire concern the ignition, the propagation and the effects of a fire (prescribed fire, wildland fire or suppression fire).


The main objective is to achieve a sound understanding of mechanisms of fires (WP2.1) and a physically-based 3D-model of fire behaviour and effects (WP2.2), confirmed by a set of observations and experimental data collected in natural conditions (WP2.3). Such a complete physical modelling of fire will address problems at length scales up to several hundred meters as order of magnitude, in the frame of Fire Paradox. The new model will then contribute to solve the Fire Paradox through its predictions of the interaction between fire lines or the immediate impacts of fire on the components of the ecosystems (WP2.4). The treatment of the problems arising at the wildland-urban interface will use results of the above model and also specific tools developed in a dedicated work-package (WP2.5).