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Module 6 - Technological development

The objective of this module is to develop an integrated set of tools from existing prototypes and/or technologies, focused on the needs of both foresters and fire-fighters for the different aspects of fires: prescribed fire, wildfire initiation, wildfire propagation, suppression fire. At the end of the project, these tools will be at a pre-commercial level (tested in various situations, conforms to some standards, with a user manual,…). Because of the fast development of the Internet, some applications will be developed using the Internet technologies (PHP/MySQL, Javascript, Flash,…) in order to be easily accessible to many people. To allow to private companies involved in the consortium (FC) to fund the other 50% of the total costs of the development, it is proposed that some limited versions will be distributed for free (for instance, for the fire simulator, with some limitations on the simulation time or on the simulation area), the full versions being sold at a cost to be fixed in the Technological Implementation Plan (TIP).