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Module 8 - Real time fire monitoring and analysis of past fires

Module 8 "Real time fire monitoring and analysis of past fires” is a forum that shares the full resources of the consortium. There is a search, collection and organisation of the information and of the experiences on the 4 components of fire: prescribed burning, wildfire initiation, propagation and suppression.

The overall objectives of this module are in the creation of the human and logistic conditions required for the collection of field data on wildfires and to analyse and organise that information on the fires monitored during the project and on past fires.

Monitoring will be done by partners that have a strong involvement with fire operations in the various countries (Italy, France, Spain, Portugal). CFVA/RAS, EM and GRAF in particular have a large experience on forest fires taking into account fire safety. All of these partners have experience in the use of heavy technologies with the capacity to intervene in others regions in Europe when necessary. Patagonia with CIEFAP will expand and enrich the consortium with experiences coming from other ecosystems of the world.