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Module 9 - Demonstration on prescribed burning and suppression fires

The general objectives of Module 9 are related to two different tools: Prescribed Burning and Suppression Fire.

Prescribed Fire: this module includes a review of expertise and experiences in Europe. We are establishing a network of demonstration sites for prescribed burning between the subtropical Canary Islands to hemi-boreal / boreal Northern Europe covering various objectives ranging from wildland fire hazard reduction and forest succession management to ecosystem restoration. The demonstration sites of South Africa, Argentina, Russia and Mongolia will be included.

Suppression Fire: the activities of this module include
• to establish of a net of demonstration sites regarding suppression fires (SF) plans showing backfiring (SF) and burning out (BO) as tools for wildfire suppression.
• to provide a number of real demonstrations of SF/BO actions.
• to provide virtual demonstrations of suppression fires and burning out methods

The overall objective of this module is to set demonstration nets to help end-users in Europe, North Africa, Argentina, South Africa, Russia and Mongolia to learn about the application of these two management tools. It is important to note that fire use (both prescribed fire and suppression fires) requires highly trained professionals and demonstration sites can help a lot to learning and training processes.