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Title: D 7.1-3.7 Guidelines to mitigate personal risk in prescribed burning and suppression fire
Subject: [FIRE PARADOX Deliverables, Fire Paradox Modules, Module 7 - Policies and practices assessment, WP7.1 - Complete review of policies and practices at the European and national scale with special emphasis on prescribed burning and suppression fire][Fire Paradox Vocabulary, FP Themes, Prescribed burning][Fire Paradox Vocabulary, FP Themes, Suppression fire][Fire Paradox Nominated Terms, nominatedCategory, nominatedTerm, guidelines]
Description: This report is a contribution to define the major measures in job hazard abatement actions that should be implemented when we use fire as either vegetation management or suppression tool. Both prescribed fire and suppression fires are the updated versions of several traditional practices. This modern and technical use involves safety items for both fire workers and nearby residents. If we accept that a major move towards solving the fire paradox is using fire wisely, we should work on best job hazard abatement actions. To do so, we will address in this study, two main constraints: (1) the opposition and distrust from both the workers who have to apply these techniques (i.e., firefighters, land managers, policy makers), and residents and others stakeholders who may be affected by smoke or fire; and (2) the fact that European laws (and from other countries too) mandate proper work in safety issues. The first problem to be solved is the lacking of specific regulations regarding fire use (in many countries) in both forestry and labor ruling. Some people do consider this equal to formal exclusion of fire use. On the contrary, we propose to go beyond and apply the general ruling from EEC Directive 81/391. In doing so, we will promote the developing of specific regulations regarding fire use, like there are in other economic activities in both governmental and private sectors.
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