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Title: Deliverable D2.3-6-45 Fire impact on trees and shrubs: final achievements
Subject: [FIRE PARADOX Deliverables, Fire Paradox Modules, Module 2 - Physical mechanisms, WP2.3 - Policies and practices assessment]
Description: A series of fire experiments were conducted in the laboratory in the frame of Activity WP2.3.3 of FIRE PARADOX, Fire impacts on trees, to better understand the physical mechanisms of fire effects on tree boles and to produce data for testing of fire behaviour models. This Deliverable presents a description of the different experimental methods and the results of the experiments conducted in this Activity. The document is divided in two main sections, taking into account the scale of the experimental setups: (i) Indoor laboratory fires carried out in a low speed wind tunnel, on the mutual influence between a surface fire and a tree trunk. Variations of rate of spread, flame height and flame angle in a fuel bed without a trunk and in a fuel bed with a trunk were analysed (Fig. I). Profiles of temperatures with time and qualitative results were also obtained. (ii) Outdoor laboratory fires conducted in a wind tunnel. In these experiments, the influence of the scale of the device was tested, temperature data obtained using different instruments were compared and the interaction between a fire front and a pine trunk (Fig.II) was analysed. The thermal conditions at the boundary of the tree trunk were characterized by means of thermocouples and infrared cameras (Fig. III). Besides, an approximation to estimate Heat Release Rate of a fuel bed in outdoor laboratory conditions, using custom-made thermopiles previously calibrated in a Mass Loss Calorimeter has been carried out (Fig. IV).
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