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FP Themes 
 Prescribed burning
 Wildfire initiation
 Wildfire propagation
 Suppression fire
FP Domains and Specialities 
 Physical mechanisms
 Biological mechanisms
 Social sciences and humanities
 Risk assessment and mapping
 Technological development
 Policies and practices assessment
 Real time fire monitoring and analysis of past fires
 Demonstration for prescribed burning and suppression fire
 Academic and professional training
 Public awareness strategies
 Decision support for policies
FP Fire Causes 
 Deliberate (non-criminal) cause
 Deliberate (vandalism/criminal activity) cause
FP Terms 
 burned area
 canopy fires
 carbon emissions
 carbon sequestration
 controlled burning
 crown fires
 fire behaviour
 fire boundary/ fire edge
 fire causes
 fire climate
 fire control
 fire damage
 fire danger
 fire detection
 fire ecology
 fire effects
 fire effects on buildings
 fire effects on humans
 fire effects on trees
 fire fighters
 fire fighting
 fire fighting equipment
 fire hazard
 fire history
 fire injury
 fire interval
 fire investigation
 fire management
 fire monitoring
 fire planning
 fire presuppression
 fire prevention
 fire regime
 fire risk
 fire season
 fire service
 fire severity
 fire strategy
 fire suppression
 fire weather
 flame geometry
 forest fires
 forest inventories
 forest protection
 forest residue
 forest types
 fuel appraisals
 fuel availability
 fuel characteristics
 fuel consumption
 fuel types
 land clearing
 land use
 land use policy
 lookout towers
 peat fires
 plant phenology
 prescribed burning
 remote sensing
 rural development policy
 safety equipment
 seasonal variation
 secondary wildfires
 shifting cultivation
 simulation models
 spontaneous ignition
 spot fires
 stand characteristics
 stubble burning
 stubble cleaning
 tree damage
 tree mortality
 tree parts
 vegetation management
 weed control
 wildland fires
 wildland-urban interface