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Title: Instytut Badawczy Leśnictwa (IBL) / Forest Research Institute [Poland]
Language: EnglishPolish
Description: The Institute consists of thirteen scientific departments and an independent forest fire protection research laboratory that carry out scientific research and developmental work for the benefit of all forests, forest management and forestry needs in the range of forest afforestation and reforestation, tending, utilisation and protection, ecology, genetics, forest economics and policy, and carbon sequestration in Poland. The Institute actively participates in formulating legislation and forest policy of the State, and it undertakes activities for organs of the State. Information about forest activities in Poland, and daily fire danger (April to September) are available via the webpages of the institute. The institute also publishes the quarterly journal 'Leśne Prace Badawcze' (Forest Research Papers)- papers are in Polish with English abstracts.