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Title: D3.1-8 Dead fuel moisture modelling and validation /
Language: English
Description: This report presents the final results of researches developed about dead fuel moisture prediction, where empirical dead moisture content models fitted from atmospheric variables were analysed for: Pinus halepensis in Greece, Pinus sylvestris in Poland, and Pinus pinea, P. pinaster and P. radiata in Spain. Several types of fuels were considered: litter, duff and suspended needles. Moreover, an evaluation of the capability of different existing models to predict dead fuel moisture content in the above pine species and Eucalyptus globulus in Spain, and Nothofagus antarctica and Astrocedrus chilensis in Argentina was carried out. In general terms, FWI codes and the Sneeuwjagt and Peet values, adequately reflected the pattern of variation of fuel moisture of litter and duff. Still, the estimates of these models did not show sufficient accuracy to be used directly as predictors of the dead fuel moisture content. In periods not affected by precipitation, simpler vapour exchange models appeared to be suitable for dead fuel moisture content predictions.