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Dendro Toolbar

 The toolbar is located below the main menu and contains the following buttions:


Create a new metadata recordNew

Creates a new metadata form

Use this option if you want to create a metadata record that does not refer to a specific file you want to upload - for example a reference to a web site.


Select a resource to upload to the server and create a metadata record to describe it.

Selects files to be uploaded to the database server.
Search for metadata recordsSearch Perform simple searches to locate metadata records to edit or delete. You can only find metadata records which belong to you and which you have created.
Open existing metadata recordOpen Opens an existing XML metadata file on your hard disk  Only Dendro XML files can be loaded into the system
Save metadata to databaseSave Saves the current metadata to the database and uploads the resource file  
Export metadata to XML fileExport Exports the current forms to a XML metadata file on your local disk.  Use in conjunction with Open
Clear the current formClear Clears the current forms