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Set of Regional Prescribed Burning Sites for Demonstration

This fuel reduction technique has already been studied and developed in some European countries. The significant development of this technique in Europe requires not only accompanying research work, including sociological research, but also the development of demonstration tools and specific means adapted to each country.

This product documents the most successful stories of the use of prescribed burning, allowing professionals and the general public to profit from them. The illustrative material is of great benefit for training fire professionals in the wise use of fire for multiple purposes such as wildland fire prevention, forest restoration, grazing and range management, biodiversity, wildlife habitat management, and wildland fire prevention in the wildland urban interface.

The network of demonstration sites for prescribed burning ranges from the subtropical Canary Islands to hemi-boreal / boreal Northern Europe and covers various objectives from wildland fire hazard reduction and forest succession management to ecosystem restoration. Demonstration sites of South Africa, Argentina, Russia and Mongolia are included.

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