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Fire Hazard Mapper - Multicriteria GIS tool to produce fire hazard maps

Fire Hazard Mapper is a software application, which produces fire hazard maps, using as input data concerning structural (fuel models, topography, climate, etc) and daily factors (temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, wind speed). The parameters of interest and the corresponding calculation methods have been described by the activities of work packages 5.1.3 and 5.1.4 of Fire Paradox.

Fire Hazard Mapper functions

  1. Checking of the application's environment. The application performs a basic test for the existence of required software and the availability of required data.
  2. Calculation of a structural index (Probability of Fire Occurrence -PFO). The application provides the user with the ability to calculate the probability for a fire to occur in any geographic unit, within the area in concern, taking into account structural data (fuel models, topography, climate, etc.). Data are processed by means of logistic regression and the output is a probability map.
  3. Calculation of a daily index (Fire Weather Index - FWI). The application provides the user with the ability to calculate the Canadian Fire Weather Index, using as input daily weather data (temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, and wind speed). The output is a FWI map.
  4. Calculation of a Composite Index - CI. The application calculates the algebraic product of the previous indices (PFO and FWI). The output map (CI) is the combined effect of structural and daily factors on fire risk.
  5. Calculation of the Potential Fireline Intensity - PFI. The application calculates the potential energy release per unit length of fire front, in the case of a fire incident. The function uses as input fuel data (fuel mass and rate of spread) and processes data according to the 'Byram formula'.
  6. Calculation of the Hazard Index - HI. The Hazard Index is a combination between the Composite Index and the Potential Fire Intensity. The output map is the integration into one single index, of the issues of fire starting, spreading and doing damages.
  7. Calculation of the Hazard in WUI Index - IR. The IR Index is a combination between the Ignition Density Index (DE), the Wildfire Density Index (DI) and the Burned Area Index (SB). The function uses as input WUI typology, ecological, topographical and socioeconomic data. Data are processed according to the methodologies described by the activity WP5.1.4 of Fire Paradox. The output is an IR map.