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Download and Installation

The Fire Hazard Manager application is available for download.

Download Fire Hazard Manager (.rar, 6.5 MB)

Software Requirements

ArcMap v 9.2 was used as the programming platform for the development of the application. The windows have been designed for the purposes of the user-machine interaction, in the frame of the operation of the application. The windows have been designed in the ArcMap's Visual Basic Editor. Further, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and ArcObjects were used to write the necessary code for the implementation of the algorithms. For the raster calculations, the functions provided by the Spatial Analyst extension of ArcMap v 9.2 were used. The manual is available as a Word document.


To install the Fire Hazard Mapper application, download and unzip the file FireHazardMapper.rar to the hard disc on your computer. To run the application, double-click the 'FireHazardMapper.mxd' file. The file opens in ArcMap, displaying a start screen (window) with all the available commands. The same commands are also available through the application's toolbar.