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Fuel Manager

The Fire Paradox Fuel Manager is a computer software integrated in the data processing chain between the European data and knowledge base on fuels ( Fire Paradox Fuel Database) and the 3D physical-based fire propagation models.

From a fire manager's point of view, vegetation is not only a conglomerate of plants, but it is also combustible organic material that holds a potential fire risk. It is therefore of great interest to assess the effects of silvicultural measures and fuel treatments to appraise their efficiency on fire hazard reduction. Within the Fire Paradox project such a fuel and fire effects assessment system has been developed. The Fire Paradox Fuel Manager enables users to analyse the relationships between vegetation characteristics, fire behaviour and post-fire impact on vegetation.

The Fire Paradox Fuel Manager is a key application in the fire modelling process with the following major objectives:

The software has been developed on the Capsis (Computer-aided projection of strategies in silviculture) platform for modelling forest dynamics and stand growth. Capsis is a tool for forestry researchers, forest managers and educators.