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Vesta - Large-Scale Fire Simulator

Vesta is a program to run large-scale, cell-based, wildfire simulations. It was developed within the Fire Paradox project. Vesta also was the goddess of the hearth, home, and family in Roman religion. Vesta is free software and is released under the GNU GPL v3.


Vesta is a cell-based simulator. This was chosen over the vector-based approach for many reasons:

Vesta separates the problem of simulating fires in two independent modules:

  1. fire model - responsible for computing the fire velocity at any point of the simulation domain, depending on conditions such as terrain slope, wind speed and direction, vegetation, etc.; and
  2. fire spread engine - determines how the fire spreads from cell to cell. It queries the fire model to determine how fast the fire must spread.

For more information on the Vesta simulator, please contact the model developers:

Vesta - http://www.mtda.fr/vesta

Daniel Alexandrian (daniel.alexandrian@mtda.fr)